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For members of the media and press is the world's first and only meta-meta search engine for flights. We search, moniter, analyse and publish data on all the leading flight search engines - including Skyscanner, KAYAK, momondo, Google flights and more. We allow consumers to find the best deals and the cheapest prices possible by combining two elements -

1.) Flexibility in searching - we enable consumers to detect the cheapest times to fly via our cached price calendars which indicate best days to travel within any month or even the entire year. Moreover we show which destinations are cheapest via a 'broad search anywhere' feature.

2.) We enable consumers to save up to 20% more off the calendar price by price checking those flight dates on multiple flight comparison engines in seconds - i.e meta meta search. This tried and tested methodology of pinpointing the lowest fares makes it almost impossibe to find a cheaper deal anywhere else.

We are regularly featured in the press on the best money saving tips for consumers, recent flight trend phenomenons and how large cultural and political events affect global travel patterns.

The CEO & Founder of is available for comment on publications and articles. Read our story so far.

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