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We find the cheapest flights to Bahamas by allowing you to search the entire month for the cheapest available deals. After checking flight estimates on different days we are the only site on the net where you can compare the best meta-search engines in seconds to discover the absolute lowest priced flights to Bahamas.

How to use our site to find cheaper flights to Bahamas?

In our search engine form you can select which airport you want to fly to Bahamas from. After you have done that simply select the 'whole month' option to see the cheapest prices to Bahamas from your chosen departure airport. 

We will show you the cheapest flights found by other users in the last 15 days (please note prices are estimates and may be sold out). The more flexible you are with your dates the more likely you are to find a cheaper deal.

After you have selected your travel dates you can compare the following sites in seconds to find the cheapest deal to Bahamas:

Skyscanner flights to Bahamas - Skyscanner searches hundreds of sites for the cheapest flights - make sure you select this tab on our results page to see their offers.

Momondo flights to Bahamas - Momondo is another powerful flight search engine which compares flights to Bahamas. Use their handy price calendar to see if you  can shave some more off your flight price by looking at surrounding day flights.

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Other sites we compare include:

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A short guide to Bahamas

The Bahamas are a popular tourist destination. These islands are often considered Caribbean islands, but in realty they form a 700-island archipelago which begins 55 miles off the coast of Miami, Florida. Countless cays, small islands formed on coral reefs, are also part of this island chain.

Numerous resorts and attractions add to the appeal of the Bahamas’ natural beauty. The islands feature white sand beaches which are not overcrowded; it is even possible to enjoy solitude on some. Blue, sparkling, warm waters and intriquing sea life lure scuba divers to the islands and also please casual swimmers.

When Christopher Columbus discovered the Bahamas in the late fifteenth century, he found Lucayan Indians living here. The Lucayans, who had first come to the islands in the ninth century, were nearly wiped out by European diseases and exploitation. Their islands became a British Crown Colony and remained so for two centuries. In 1987, the Bahamas gained independence from Britain, but visitors can still see the British influence on the islands’ culture and architecture.

Currently, the Bahamas do have a Caribbean flavor with a notable American presence. This is most apparent in Nassau, the capital. Because of their closeness to the United States’ mainland, the Bahamas have developed into an offshore financial and banking center; however, the tourist trade is still the most important economic resource for the islands.

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