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A short guide to Morocco

Morocco is not very far away from Europe, a short way from Spain, this country is brimming with the delights and experiences quite different from anything found anywhere else in the world. It is situated at the crossroads between East and West, a fusion of cultures and sights emanating from within the western world and Africa.

One of the main attractions of Morocco is it's pleasant climate. Positioned at the top of the West side of Africa this nation is a haven for tourists seeking a warm Mediterranean climate and a more mystical experience. Morocco is also famous for the arts and crafts which the local people are renowned for making. From intricately designed cutlery to exquisite woven carpets, it is highly unlikely for anyone to leave Morocco without a memento to remind them of their visit.

Numerous other experiences are on offer in Morocco, particularly found within the central and northern parts of the country. In the Atlas Mountains for example, skiing is a particularly popular attraction. For the more adventurous amongst you, a trip to the dramatic Western Sahara to explore the sand dunes of the desert may be more to your liking, choose from between horseback, camel or jeep to enjoy amazing scenes.

Whatever your reason for visiting this country, whether it be to simply enjoy the weather, sample its world-famous cuisine or take advantage of its unique and distinctive environments, Morocco is certain to please. It also has a rich and interesting history which spans back centuries. With the cities of Marrakech and fez you will find ancient ruins of various ruling factions which dominated this location.

Enjoy the bustling marketplaces and squares where you will find a variety of different acts taking place, from snake charmers to monkey handlers fascinating the visitors who come to them. When looking back on your time in Morocco, memories will include warm personalities, the aroma of mint tea and a place which you will no doubt want to return to one-day.

Numerous different empires had an interest historically in the country of Morocco. The people have seen everyone from Romans and Greeks trying to conquer this location. In the seventh century Morocco was conquered by the Muslim armies and consequently the majority of the population converted to Islam.

However, numerous ancient communities still exist in Morocco including a sizeable Jewish population. In recent times there has been an attempt by European countries to control this region, France and Spain have had influence here until Morocco gained independence in the year 1956. Oweing to this chequered history Morocco presents an interesting quagmire with all its various influences which have affected it over time.

The official language of Morocco is Arabic. French and Spanish is also widely used whilst English is also utilised in the tourist areas. Native French speakers should have no problem conversing in this land.

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