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We find the cheapest flights to Russia by allowing you to search the entire month for the cheapest available deals. After checking flight estimates on different days we are the only site on the net where you can compare the best meta-search engines in seconds to discover the absolute lowest priced flights to Russia.

How to use our site to find cheaper flights to Russia?

In our search engine form you can select which airport you want to fly to Russia from. After you have done that simply select the 'whole month' option to see the cheapest prices to Russia from your chosen departure airport. 

We will show you the cheapest flights found by other users in the last 15 days (please note prices are estimates and may be sold out). The more flexible you are with your dates the more likely you are to find a cheaper deal.

After you have selected your travel dates you can compare the following sites in seconds to find the cheapest deal to Russia:

Skyscanner flights to Russia - Skyscanner searches hundreds of sites for the cheapest flights - make sure you select this tab on our results page to see their offers.

Momondo flights to Russia - Momondo is another powerful flight search engine which compares flights to Russia. Use their handy price calendar to see if you  can shave some more off your flight price by looking at surrounding day flights.

Dohop flights to Russia - Dohop is also shown on our flight results page. We recommend you see their offers too as they can often find cheaper deals than the rest.

Other sites we compare include:

Kayak Russia flights
Google flights Russia flights
Travelsupermarket Russia flights
Tripadvisor Russia flights Russia flights

and many more...

We are the only site on the world wide web where you can compare up to 10 different metasearch engines from one convenient location. We call this process meta-meta flight search and in our opinion it is simply the best way of finding the cheapest flights to Russia in the world.

Remember - the more sites you compare on our results page the more certain you can be that you have found the cheapest flights to Russia as one site will never find you the best price every time.

A short guide to Russia

The country of Russia has seen its share of trials and tribulations include a history with oppression and a crippled economy. After all, it had leaders such as Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great. If it wasn’t the tsars that people had to worry about, it was the Soviet government and its dictatorship. Today, however, Russian citizens are embracing the freedom they’ve been given and looking toward the potential it has even while they enjoy the cultural heritage the past produced.

Even though Russia has had its hardships, had inequalities in its economy sector and was generally cut off from the entire world for some time, visitors are showing up and learning about the enormous variety and vivacity that the country has including many cultural riches, historical landmarks, dazzling cathedrals and majestic cities. They can experience the Bolshoi Ballet or be enchanted with Tchaikovsky and be dazzled by many precious Russian icons and architecture.

The majority of foreigners associate this great nation by its major cities such as its capital Moscow and St. Petersburg; however, when they associate them to as that’s all of Russia, they are really missing out on what makes Russia… Russia. The country sits on two continents and has 11 time zones. The largest country on the planet is the Russian Federation, which is double the size of the United States. In this area, lies the natural wonder of Lake Baikal, considered the deepest lake on Earth along with an abundance of forests, mountains and rivers teeming with wildlife. Visitors can also check out any of the ancient villages sprinkled about the Siberian countryside.

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