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A short guide to Gabon

Gabon lies on the equator, at the edge of the Atlantic between Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Gabon was once the domain of the Pygmies, before the Portuguese arrived in the 1400s. This remained the status quo until French colonisation in the late nineteenth century and although Gabon became a republic in the mid twentieth century, French is still the main language spoken.

With sustainable industry being the most desirable kind for most African countries, Gabon is somewhat of a pioneer. Recognising the tourist value of their natural resources, Gabon has put significant effort into its tourist infrastructure and has set aside more than a tenth of the country to be preserved in national parks.

Visitors must make use of offroad vehicles to access pretty much anything outside of Libreville, the capital city, as facilities for tourism may be in place, but little other infrastructure is maintained. Once in Gabon proper, visitors can get up close to migrating whales, sharks and turtles, as well as rainforested areas that host elephants, gorillas and primates. The open plains are home to safari tours and tastes of ´true Africa´ in the form of lion prides and loping giraffes.

Gabon has three African trifecta: jungles, plains and white sandy beaches, all of which are preserved and thriving for both the protection of rare and endangered species as well as the education and delight of visitors to this beautiful country.

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