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  • Flights to The Valley, Anguilla The Valley is the capital of Anguilla. Attractions here include Wallblake House, Crocus Bay Beach, Savannah Gallery and St. Gerard Church, The Valley.
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Questions and Answers about Anguilla

Questions and Answers about Anguilla

What are the average flight times to Anguilla?

from New York to Anguilla -  6 hours 5 minutes, distance = 1677 miles

From Chicago to Anguilla - 20 hours 35 minutes, distance = 2200 miles

From Dallas to Anguilla - 18 hours 55 minutes, distance = 2336 miles


What are the busiest airports in Anguilla?

Clayton J. Lloyd International airport located close to the Valley is the busiest airport in Anguilla.

What's the currency in Anguilla?

The currency in Anguilla is the Eastern Caribbean dollar:

1 Eastern Caribbean dollar equals: 0.37 United States Dollar

1 Eastern Caribbean dollar equals: 0.28 Pound Sterling

1 Eastern Caribbean dollar equals: 0.34 Euro


What are the top 9 places you should visit in Anguilla?

Rendezvous Bay, bay lined with beaches, hotels & more.

Shoal Bay, stunning bay with beaches & dolphins.

Sandy Island, snorkeling and beach.

Meads Bay Pond, beach.

Maundays Bay, popular beach & water recreation spot.

Prickley Pear Cays, snorkeling and beach.

Little Bay, remote bay for snorkeling & cliff diving.

Scilly Cay, Lobster.

Scrub Island, hiking and beach.


What are some fun facts about Anguilla?

1.) The population of Anguilla was 16,418 in 2016.

2.) Anguilla's capital city is The Valley.

3.) The official language of Anguilla is English.

4.) Citizens here are known as Anguillians.

5.) The average lifespan of Anguillians is 81 years.

6.) Anguillas national sport is boat racing.

7.) Anguilla is only 26 kilometres long and 5 kilometres wide.

Flight Routes to Anguilla

  • From Tampa Cheapest flight price found from Tampa (TPA), United States to The Valley, Anguilla (AXA): $261
    Depart: 17 Apr 2020 · Return: 24 Apr 2020
    Price found 28 Mar 2020, 18:02