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How to Find Cheap Flights to Montserrat and a List of Attractions, Hotels and Restaurants in Montserrat

How to Find Cheap Flights to Montserrat and a List of Attractions, Hotels and Restaurants in Montserrat

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What are the Best Things to do in Montserrat?

Soufrière Hills: Volcano bordered by destroyed villages

Montserrat Volcano Observatory: Observatory and volcano

Woodlands Beach: Beach

Carr's Bay Beach: Beach

Rendezvous Beach: Beach

Chances Peak: Mountain and volcano

Isle's Bay Beach: Wide beach for fishing & turtle nesting

Jack Boy Hill: Mountain peak

Fox's Bay Beach: Beach

What are the Best Hotels in Montserrat?

Miles Away Villa Resort & Spa

Olveston House: Understated rooms in a tranquil hotel offering an outdoor pool & a casual open-air restaurant.

Vue Point Hotel

Gingerbread Hill

Tropical Mansion Suites, 3-star hotel

SeaView Suite

Essence, 2-star hotel

Paradise Villa Guesthouse

Grand View Bed and Breakfast


What are the Best Restaurants in Montserrat?

Good eats, Caribbean: Cosy · Casual · Good for kids

Hilltop Coffee House

Watermelon Cottage

The Attic: Mayfield Valley View Rd

Pont's Beach View, Look Out Cir: Cosy · Casual · Good for kids

Time Out Restaurant, Bar & Grill: Grill: Look Out Cir

Bamboo Grill Restaurant: main road, Salem

Isle's Bay Beach Bar: Loblolly Ln

Summer Breeze Restaurant: Little Bay

Emerald Rose

Sips and Bites: Davy Hill Rd: Casual · Groups · Wine

Tina's Restaurant

Soca Cabana: Look Out Cir: Cosy · Casual · Good for kids

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