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We find the cheapest flights to Central African Republic by allowing you to search the entire month for the cheapest available deals. After checking flight estimates on different days we are the only site on the net where you can compare the best meta-search engines in seconds to discover the absolute lowest priced flights to Central African Republic.

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In our search engine form you can select which airport you want to fly to Central African Republic from. After you have done that simply select the 'whole month' option to see the cheapest prices to Central African Republic from your chosen departure airport. 

We will show you the cheapest flights found by other users in the last 15 days (please note prices are estimates and may be sold out). The more flexible you are with your dates the more likely you are to find a cheaper deal.

After you have selected your travel dates you can compare the following sites in seconds to find the cheapest deal to Central African Republic:

Skyscanner flights to Central African Republic - Skyscanner searches hundreds of sites for the cheapest flights - make sure you select this tab on our results page to see their offers.

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A short guide to Central African Republic

The Central African Republic (CAR) is considered a destination to be visited at your own risk. ´Governed´ by the tyrannical Bokassa, CAR is a war-torn, poverty-stricken nation that teeters on the brink of collapse.

Because CAR is a developing nation, and one that is focused more on controlling internal tensions and fighting disease and unemployment, facilities for tourists are limited at best and non-existent at worst. Travellers to this part of the world will need to either speak the language or find themselves a trustworthy guide. This is not a country for the naive.

Adventurous travellers continue to visit CAR though, despite the difficulties in obtaining traveller´s insurance, and come away with stories full of the warmth of the CAR people and the stunning natural beauty of the country.

The capital Bangui is the gateway to the Dzanga-Sangha National Park, home of elephants and gorillas - the endangered and mighty creatures that so effectively capture the imagination of visitors. The plains (savannas) are home to gazelle and lions, with the occasional safari guide service being available for a rough and ready tour.

Visit the Toutoubou Falls near Berberati for a spectacular, vertigo-inducing look at one of nature´s grand spectacles, or hang around the capital or next-largest city Bangassou for a peek into a country that seems like a different world.

CAR has two seasons: Wet and Dry. Although both are very hot, the best time to visit is in the dry season, from November through to April, when the plains are not at risk of flooding and the humidity is lower so is Bangassou the second city.

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