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In our search engine form you can select which airport you want to fly to Bosnia Herzegovina from. After you have done that simply select the 'whole month' option to see the cheapest prices to Bosnia Herzegovina from your chosen departure airport. 

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A short guide to Bosnia Herzegovina

In southeastern Europe dwells the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina that’s rich with history from the Roman annexation to the Slav invasion to the Ottoman empire and, of course, World War II… all of which play a big part in its past. During the 1990s, Bosnia and Herzegovina, a tiny heart-shaped country, won its freedom from the control of the socialist Yugoslavia.

The resort town of Neum offers its visitors a warm, sunny Mediterranean climate, as it sits on the Adriatic coast. Visitors are also welcome to view the Vetrenjica Caves or see the Medugorje, a Catholic tour site, where, during the 1980s, people reported seeing visions of the Virgin Mary. Visitors can enjoy the Kravica Waterfalls located near Ljubuski. The countrymen and women of Bosnia and Herzegovina also recommends its visitors enjoy the eco-adventures and winter sports.

There are four geographical factions to Bosnia and Herzegovina. For instance, Central Bosnia has the mountainous regions of the country. It measures 12,920 square kilometers and as a population of 1,249,000. Central Bosnia is far more developed than other factions and is a melting pot of influences that include the Karst, Mediterranean and Pannonian regions that neighbor the country.

Bosnia and Herzegovina “High Karst” measures 11,842 square kilometers and has a population of just 325,000. High Karst is located in the west and is far less modernized and urbanized than other regions. In fact, only nine percent of the territory can be cultivated and fewer than 30 percent of its people live in cities.

Low Herzegovina is in the Mediterranean region, measuring at 5,399 square kilometers with a population of 296,000. It’s located in the central-coastal region just behind a mountain. Of all the geographical regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Low Herzegovina is the tiniest.

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