The Top Ten Most Cheap Airlines In The World

top ten cheap airlines

In this article we look at the world’s top ten cheap airlines offering budget flights to hundreds of destinations worldwide. We list the global brands which offer some of the cheapest fares for popular flight routes. We have ranked them from one to ten based on reported customer satisfaction, performance and popularity in their respective regions.

10. Skymark airlines

Skymark airlines is one of the most popular cheap airlines offering budget flights based in Japan, Tokyo. The airline commenced operations in 1998 and has since become one of the leading low cost airlines in Japan. Their fleet of 30 plus aircraft offers flights to 15 destinations within Japan making it a popular choice with travellers looking for cheap domestic flights.

9. Tiger airways

Tiger airways is a Singapore based cheap airline brand. It was founded in the year 2003 and has since become profitable in rapid fashion. Their fleet of 19 Airbus A320 200′s offers cheap flights within the South East Asia region and to Australia, China and India.

8. SpiceJet

SpiceJet is India’s third largest cheap airline by market share. It was established in 2004 by entrepreneur Kalanithi Maran – a leading Indian media baron. This low cost airline offers flights to 54 destinations from its current fleet of 51 aircraft. The airline has used novel techniques to increase its popularity such as offering a million seats on any domestic route for the low price of £23.

7. Air Arabia

Air Arabia is one of the Middle East’s most successful cheap airlines by passenger numbers. The airline was established in 2003 and offers no frills flights to 81 destinations including flights to Europe, North Africa, the Indian subcontinent, Central Asia and within the Middle East itself. The airline is based in Sharjah to keep operating cost at a minimum as opposed to basing it at the major hub of Dubai international airport.

6. WestJet Airlines

WestJet airlines is Canada’s most successful cheap flight airline. It is just behind Air Canada in terms of the amount of passengers carried per annum and is ranked number 9 amongst all the airlines based in North America. Established in 1996 their fleet of 101 aircraft offer flights to numerous destinations within the United States, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Top 5 Countdown to Really Cheap Airlines in the World

5. AirAsia

AirAsia was the pioneer of the concept of cheap airlines within the Asia region. The Malaysia based airline has gone from strength to strength and now offers flights to over 400 destinations via its group of subsidiaries which include the brands of AirAsia X, Thai AirAsia,  AirAsia Japan, AirAsia phillipines and Indonesian AirAsia.

4. JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways is one of the most popular cheap airlines based in New York, USA. The airline was established in 1999 and now offers flights to 75 destinations via its fleet of 172 aircraft. The airline mainly offers domestic routes within the USA but also operates some flights to the Caribbean and South America. It was one of the few airlines which continued to make a profit even after the tragic events of September 11th 2001.

3. Ryanair

Ryanair is an Irish based low cost airline. The airline became successful very quickly and their fleet has expanded rapidly to over 300 Boeing aircraft. The airline has become one of main go to airlines in Europe for low cost flights to over 160 destinations. The current CEO of Ryanair Michael O’Leary is credited for taking the airline from strength to strength by basing Ryanair on the business model of Southwest airlines based in the USA.

2. Easyjet

Easyjet is one of Europe’s leading cheap airlines. They offer cheap flights to more than 130 destinations via their fleet of 190 aircraft. The carrier was established in 1995 by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou the son of a Greek shipping magnate. Since its establishment the airline has expanded operations and now has bases in London, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy and Switzerland. It enjoys a slightly better reputation than its rival Ryanair ever since Ryanair announced they would possibly charge 1 euro to use their on-board lavatories.

1. Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is the global founder of the concept of flying no frills via cheap airlines. Established in 1969 it is the number one carrier of passengers on domestic routes within the USA. They boast a massive fleet of 586 aircraft and offer cheap flights to 78 destinations. The airline was founded by Rollin king and Herb Kelleher with the initial intention to offer routes within Texas. The airline has gone from strength to strength and now offers 3400 flights a day from major hubs scattered throughout the USA.

In Conclusion

These are the best cheap airline carriers in the world. If you feel we have missed any of note than please let us know in the comment box below.

The quickest way to search all of these low cost airlines for the cheapest flight is by using what is known as a meta-meta search engine. This method compares over 1000 cheap airlines via some of the best flight comparison sites online in seconds.

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The High Street Travel Agency VS the Online Travel Site | Who Wins the Battle?

The Travel Agency VS The Online Travel Site

The concept of the high street travel agency has had some serious competition from the emergence of online travel sites in recent history.

Before the mid 90’s the high street travel agent was the most popular way of booking a cheap flight for your family.

Post 90’s a barrage of sites began to appear online and the availability of the internet in homes across the world became widespread.

Transactions became more secure and consumers started to feel safe spending their money online.

The public began booking their travel itineraries in droves on online travel sites and found that they could search for a flight at any time of day or night.

They no longer had to rely on a traditional travel agency to do the work for them. By comparing many airline prices online they could compare fares easily and book at their own convenience from the comfort of their own homes.

Over time the public began to realise that the online travel sites could produce better prices than the traditional high street travel agencies which were sometimes guilty of inflating prices by employing dubious tactics such as “racking”. i.e.  highlighting the more expensive fare in favour of a cheaper one due to higher commission rates.

Serious problems for the high street travel agency

Ever since the next generation of flight comparison site began to emerge the high street travel agents have had serious competition.

These comparison sites enabled hundreds of airlines and travel agents to be searched in seconds making it practically impossible to beat their fares.

We tested a few quotes that we could get offline and online to see if this is still truly the case.

We went to a few of the existing high street travel agencies and compared their prices with the prices we could find online.

Some of the more popular travel agents still in operation in the high street include Thomas cook, Flight centre and Trailfinders

We compared their high street prices against flights discovered by the best online Meta search engines today…

Here are the results…

Flight 1

Flights from London to Bangkok – flying from 1st to the 8th of April 2013

High Street Travel Agency Prices:

Thomas cook = £597

Flight centre = £575

Trailfinders = £588

Online Comparison site prices:

Skyscanner = £550 (wins)

Momondo = £559

Kayak = £571

Flight 2

Manchester to New York flying from 8thst August to 23rd of August

High Street Travel Agency Prices:

Thomas cook = £621.19

Flight centre = £595

Trailfinders = £607

Online Comparison site prices: = £559 (wins)

Kelkoo = £571

Skyscanner = £572

Flight 3

Birmingham to Marrakesh Flying from 14th of May to 21st of May

High Street Travel Agency Prices:

Thomas Cook = £397.44

Flight Centre = £375

Trailfinders = £388

Online Comparison site prices:

Dohop = £294 (wins)

Momondo = £307

Skyscanner = £371

As you can see from the above examples – an online Meta search engine wins over a traditional high street travel agency price every time.

This is due to the superior number of airlines and travels agents that can be searched in a very short period of time.

Even If you go to a few high street travel agents it still pales in comparison to the breadth of the search that can be carried out online.

Carrying out these searches is particularly easy on our cheap flight finder which compares the most powerful online flight comparison sites for you in seconds.

What is the role for a high street travel agency today?

Their still exists an important role for travel agents today. Computers, even though highly advanced can still not compete with the power of the human brain.

Travel agents are particularly useful in putting together complex itineraries and sorting out the booking process in its entire minutia from A-Z.

In today’s day and age you can compare the modern travel agent to kind of personalized travel concierge service which takes the headache out of particularly demanding trips.

In fact up to 70% of cruise holidays and large group flight deals are still booked through traditional high street agents.

So the future is not all doom and gloom for the travel agencies. It may be less helpful for straight forward flight trips which can be easily booked online – but for more complex itineraries a travel agent can be very helpful.

Here, at Cheapflightsfinder, we also offer a service where people can come to us and receive quotes for particularly demanding trips.

Our group flight booking page is handled by experts who can sort out particularly complex itineraries which are unable to be searched for online.

For more straight forward round trips we recommend using our powerful online flight comparison tool.

Why not try it out?

Visit our Group booking page for complex trips or use our online flight finder for more basic trips!

Happy Flying!

Cheap flights

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Multi Flights Advice – How To Get The Best Price On Multi Stop Trips

Multi Flights Advice

Most people go to one particular site if they are looking for multi flights to a number of different city destinations.

Multi flights are those intineraries which require flights from one city to the next and contain multiple destinations as opposed to a single return flight which flies to just to one destination and back.

Some of the more popular sites which offer multiple flights are Expedia,, Ebookers and Travelocity.

What many people don’t realize is that each of these sites can produce different results on the same multi flight route.

To be sure of the best deal you need to compare all of them simultaneously.

To demonstrate this fact we present to you 3 different multi destination routes and show you how prices can vary significantly between them…

Our Comparison of 3 routes containing multi flights –

Route 1

LONON – NEW YORK – flying 5th of March
NEW YORK – SAN FRANCISCO – flying 12th of March
SAN FRANCISCO – LONDON – flying 22th of March

Expedia price – £578.69
flying with virgin and Alaska.

Lastminute price£576.79 (cheapest)
flying with virgin and jetblue.

Ebookers price – £611.04
flying with American Airlines.

Travelocity price – £621
flying with Delta Airlines.

Route 2

NEW YORK – LONDON – flying 1st  of June
LONDON – ROME – flying 7th of June
ROME – NEW YORK – flying 12th of June

Expedia price –  £661.06 (cheapest)
flying with Air Berlin.

Lastminute price – £957.60
flying with Air France.

Ebookers price – £922.14
flying with Air france.

Travelocity price – £915
flying with Air France.

Route 3

TOKYO –  BARCELONA – flying 12th of August
BARCELONA – DUBAI – flying 17thth of August
DUBAI – TOKYO – flying 24th of August

Expedia price – £1404
flying with emirates.

Lastminute price – £1421
flying with emirates.

Ebookers price – £1401
flying with Emirates.

Travelocity price£1396 (cheapest)
flying with Emirates.

Conclusion and Analysis

As you can see the prices for multi flights vary between the different travel agents.

In order to get the best price it is always wise to compare a number of different sites to be sure of the best deal.

We know that this can be time consuming and quite tedious to do so we developed a search engine which would make things easier for you.

We have developed a multi flight search engine which compares all of the sites we have mentioned above with 1 single search.

Our multi city flight search engine makes it easy to compare multiple sites and make sure you have found the every best deal.

Why not try it out now at our multiple city flight search page.

Were sure you will be glad you did!

Happy searching!

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Flexible Flights – Save Big Money by Searching on Different Dates

Flexible Flights can save you big money!

It is fairly well known that the best way to save money is by searching for flexible flights on flexible dates. Air fare prices can vary drastically from one day to the next so by searching on surrounding dates there is a high chance you could land yourself a great flight deal.

We show you some examples of how such flexible prices can vary and then present the best sources of acquiring flexible flight deals.

Examples of how prices can vary if you select the flexible flights option

We tested 2 flight routes – one departing from the UK and one departing from the USA. Our simple demonstration aims to show how you could save lots of money if you search for the same route on surrounding dates.

We used our unique meta-meta flight search to extract results comparing different search engine prices on multiple different days.

Here are our results:

Flight 1

Departing from London to New York for a summer vacation leaving on the 16th of August and returning on the 28th of August 2013.

We then compared that with surrounding dates to see how much we could shave off the price.

Results –

Fixed date =£568
flying with Iceland Air from the 16th to the 28th August 2013

Flexible flights =£448
flying with Swiss air and Canada 17th to the 27th August 2013

We can see with the above example that if you searched for flights a day after and arriving a day earlier you can save £120.

That is a total saving of £480 if you were booking flights for a family of four…

Flight 2

Departing from New York to Rio de Janeiro leaving on the 30th of January and returning on the 4th of February 2013.


Fixed date = $1280
flying from the 30th January to the 4th of February 2013

Flexible flights = $889
flying from the 29th of January and returning on the 5th of February 2013

Once again you can see with this example that if you were to leave a day earlier and return one day later you could make a massive saving of $291.

This would amount to a total saving of $1,164 for a family of four…

The question you may be asking yourself after seeing this demonstration is how we went about finding these flexible flights?

Well, to be able to find these amazing flight deals you need to know the best tools to use. With that in mind we now present to you the best flight search engines with the most powerful flexible date flight search options.

Best Sites for Flexible Flights

(Links included at the end of the article)


Skyscanner allows you to browse flight deals to worldwide destinations found by other users of the site. You can choose to search by the month or the cheapest flight in the entire year. The only downside is that flights are only available if a user has searched for that route before. They are very good at showing surrounding dates with an easy to understand and select flight graph.


Kayak’s flexible fare buzz tool shows you cheap flights found by other users in the last 48 hours. It is a good place to browse flight ideas and surrounding dates. The down side is that they only display prices found by other people and don’t have a comprehensive database to draw upon. Also on occasion the flight price may have changed due to rapidly changing airfare pricing.


The Momondo search engine shows a handy graph as soon as you search for a flight. This makes it easy to see flights before or after your chosen flight dates. It can sometimes be inaccurate as once again the graph is user generated.

Google flights

Google flights (currently only serving US and Canada departures), is probably one of the most powerful flexible date flight finders online. It instantly shows you pricing on dates before and after your flight upon pressing the graph button. The only down side is that Google prices can often times be beaten by another aggregator. We would suggest using their flexible flight option to locate good times to fly then proceed to search for flights on those exact same dates via multiple different flight aggregators. (one of the UK’s largest online travel agencies) has a handy flexible flights search which allows you to see a chart of flights three days before and after your chosen dates. Very good at providing a quick overview of flights surrounding your fixed flight option.


Opodo has a handy flexible flights  function which searches a day before and after your chosen dates letting you know if there is a cheaper flight available. It is particularly good for European flight destinations.

In conclusion

We highly recommend checking a number of different websites for flexible flight options to be sure of landing yourself a great deal.

However, we know it can be time consuming going to a number of recommended sites and searching for the best flexible date flight deal.

That is why we developed our flexible date flight search function…

We compare all of the sites mentioned above with one single search making it the most powerful flexible date flight function available today.

We highly recommend trying it on your next flight if you have the option of flying on different days.

Try it now –

Happy searching!

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Flight Comparison Sites Explained

Flight Comparison Explained

The first thing to note is that flight comparison sites can sometimes be referred to as flight aggregators, meta search engines and screen-scrapers. For all intents and purposes they perform the same function - i.e.   - pulling data from a lots of different travel agents and airlines to provide the user with a list of flight results relevant for their particular flight route.

Before the advent of the flight comparison sites people had to visit a travel agent or the airline website to locate the best flight deals online.  During this time many people also relied on physical travel agents to do the hard work for them and book itineraries on their behalf. As time grew people started to realise that the best deal was not always present on one particular site or through one particular travel agent – this reality lead to people believing in the necessity of comparing multiple sites in order to secure the best online deal.

In fact a travel survey report published by Jupiter research in the early 2000′s revealed that “nearly two in five on-line travel consumers say they believe that no one site has the lowest rates or fares.”

This state of mind led entrepreneurs to develop sites which would aim to collate all available fares online and show them to consumers for the purpose of transparency.

Hence the flight comparison site was born

Early pioneers in the flight comparison market were, Skyscanner and Sidestep. These were the first so called comparison sites or flight aggregators. As their popularity took off a number of similar sites began to emerge such as, Mobissimo, Momondo, Travelgrove, and most recently Hipmunk.

All of them aimed to be a one stop shop for the cheapest fares online.

Time has shown that these type of sites have been extremely successful in marketing their services to consumers. It is a matter of fact now that many consumers have made these flight comparison sites their go to destinations when looking for the best deals online.

One of  reasons for their extreme popularity is the flight comparison site’s ability to check many more fares than any airline or travel agent can on their own.

In fact if you type “cheap flights” into Google you will notice that some of the first results you will get will be such comparison sites.

The Problem With Such Sites…

Unfortunately  their still remains a problem with such comparison sites. The fact is that no particular comparison site has become truly comprehensive in the purest meaning of the word. It still remains highly unpredictable which comparison site will arrive at the best fare. Fares and sources of fares vary widely, partly due to the fact that each comparison site tends to search a different selection of travel sources.

The best workaround to this is to compare flights from multiple flight comparison sites as mentioned by numerous travel journalists in the know. This method enables you to compare many more travel agents and airlines than one flight comparison site could possibly cover on its own.

In fact it was this very reason which prompted us to develop our very own unique flight search.

We wanted to take flight search to the next level by sitting on top of the existing comparison sites and enable consumers to compare their offers side by side within seconds.

So that is what we did. is the first website that allows consumers to compare up to 16 different comparison sites in seconds enabling them to quickly and easily locate the best online fares in seconds.

We call this process meta-meta flight search and in our opinion it the very best method of covering the entirety of flights available and securing yourself the best online deal.

Why not give it a go – try our meta meta flight search engine now!

Cheap Flights Finder .com

Happy searching!

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